1.- ANTI-FOG FUNCTION: Previously a simple anti-fog coating was placed on the lenses, so the effect was short-lived and of low quality, the new SURFACTANT technology has completely evolved by using a vacuum ionic immersion process, this causes the anti-fog film to increase on both sides of the lens and a super hydrophilic molecular layer is formed on the surface, therefore the water vapor is eliminated when it comes into contact with the lens, preventing it from condensing and causing the annoying fog or fogging on our lenses.

2.- RESISTANCE: At a time when hygiene is the most important thing, BLUE FREE ANTI FOG lenses can be cleaned with alcohol, soap or acetone without damaging the characteristics of the lens, something that had not been achieved with any other ANTI-FOG lens.

Lentes antifog Snellenvision

3.- PROTECTION AGAINST HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT: BLUE FREE technology effectively blocks the harmful spectrum of blue light that goes from 415 to 455 nm, avoiding visual fatigue and preventing long-term damage due to overexposure to electronic devices.

4.- WEAR RESISTANT FUNCTION: The exclusive multi-layer technology of BLUE FREE ANTIFOG makes the friction coefficient of the lens very low, so you will have to clean your lenses less and with this they will last longer.

5.- ASPHERICAL DESIGN: The lens adopts an aspherical design to reduce aberrations and optimize the visual effect. It is more real to see the object without glare, higher light transmission and clearer vision.

November 10, 2021 — AGUSTINO RAMOS

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