At SnellenVision we have a wide variety of materials, treatments and types of lenses. The first thing you must choose is your frame, then it is time to choose the correct lenses, to finally apply the necessary treatment for your visual condition, but how to choose the correct elements for your face, your look and your work?

The frame that flatters you

Although the choice of glasses is practically a matter of personal taste, you should keep in mind that each frame is created for a different type of face.

Here are the different face types, followed by our tips for finding the perfect frame for your features:

square face

People with a square face have a wide and marked jaw. When the face is wide, it would be called square; if the face is slightly narrower it is defined as rectangular. For both types of face we recommend round or oval frames, which hide the angles of the jaw.


round face 

 Round faces are characterized by having a wide forehead and voluminous cheeks. They generally go well with rectangular frames as they break up the rounded shapes of the face while maintaining a youthful look.

Oval face

An oval face is identified by being wider at the cheeks and narrower at the chin. These are considered “the ideal face type”, as it can look good with all kinds of shapes and colors. Although you do want to really stand out, we recommend an oval or round frame, to suit your style and personality.

face of heart

The heart-shaped face is characterized by a broad forehead, deep cheekbones, and a pointed chin. If you have this type of face, round or oval frames are recommended; although men can also try a boxy frame in sober colors that accentuate their features.

The graduation you need


Graduations less than 5 diopters

For them we recommend SnellenBlue lenses as they are thin, resistant and light lenses, they are the best option for children and outdoor activities.

Graduations greater than 5 diopters


The right material for your activities


These UV photochromic lenses are ideal for people who perform activities both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to their latest generation technology, they darken faster, blocking 70% of sunlight in 30 seconds.

Find them in different plastics and colors!


Thanks to the fact that they combine photosensitive and polarized technology, these lenses allow greater adaptation to the level of light, so they are specialized for driving cars, bicycles, etc.

Unlike other self-tinting lenses, Pilot lenses adapt to lighting conditions, filtering out excess light to prevent glare and maintain a sharp image.

Do you still have doubts?

This article is just a guide to help you choose the most suitable lenses for you, but remember that you can always go to SNELLENVISION and request the support of our experts, who will help you find the glasses that best suit your features and needs.