It is a lens that protects the eyes from blue-violet light from mobile devices, UV light from the sun and infrared light.

There is a lot of talk about ultraviolet rays and how we should protect ourselves from them because they penetrate directly and cumulatively both in the skin and in the eyes, but very little is said about infrared rays, which are actually more dangerous than ultraviolet, since they reach deeper layers of the skin and are capable of affecting the cornea and the retina.

In the long run, the union of ultraviolet (UVB) and infrared (IR) rays can alter the mechanism responsible for keeping the epidermis healthy and also directly affect the macular tissue.



After a while, sequelae may appear such as:

  • • Retinal burns
  • • Waterfalls
  • • Lens problems

With SnellenRed you can avoid this damage